KB the Boo Bonic is a woman, a Texan, a writer, a college graduate and maybe the last person you would ever expect to be a rapper.

She started rapping over 10 years ago amidst the mix of her friends on the turntables and blunts and beers. She sharpened her chops as a freestyle rapper and gained recognition as a viable opponent at house parties and local events.

While finishing her college education she compiled her first release, Scars Are Sexy. The femcee made sure to leave no doubts in listeners minds that she was Dirty South born and bred by enlisting the help of well-known Texas producer DJ Rapid Ric to mix the album. 

It has that third coast sound, but with no holds barred lyrics that touch on everything from relationships to the music scene to politics. Her perspective is far from your average female artist who laments over love lost or frets over the challenges of being a woman. She gives an unapologetic perspective, intended to make the listener think and hopefully get a good laugh every once in a while.

 In 2009 she performed at her first SXSW showcase in Austin during the four-day festival where she opened for The Chicharones, Reef the Lost Cauze and GLC. She has opened for touring acts throughout her career including Raekwon, Cappadonna, Shwayze, Lil Debbie, and many more. In addition to SXSW, she has been a part of a number of tours and festivals including the 35Conferette, Rock the Republic, Weird City Festival and Tour, and Ajusco Festival in Mexico City.




In late 2015 she released a free mixtape titled, BatSh!T, a nod to her current hometown of Austin. In early 2016 she released a single titled “U Ain’t Kno”, produced by ATL hitmaker Zaytoven and with accompanying visuals filmed by the Moon Guys.

The third studio album from KB, Goldilox, is a concept album loosely based on the fairytale by the same name. It ventures from the same braggadocios, quirky wordplay she has come to be known for to more introspective, zoned out tracks like “Miraculous” and “Muddyin the Water”. The project also includes “I Seent It”, which features Tow Down of Houston’s legendary SUC. 

She recently started working on a track with one of her favorite emcees of all-time and another H Town legend, Devin the Dude, which she hopes to release later in 2017. 

She does it for a love of hip hop culture, music, writing and creating.  She also strongly feels that women in hip hop deserve more than they are being given and something needs to be done about it.

© 2016 KB the Boo Bonic